Friday, November 21, 2008

The USPS...they "handle with care"

So, what better way to take on the USPS then with this photo. Tamara, all the items "appear" to have come in safely, but since they are all wrapped for Christmas...we'll just have to wait and see!
Handle with care...whatever!

Kristin & Ed get married...

Last weekend we headed over to Canyon Lake (sandwiched between San Antonio and Austin) for Kristin and Ed's wedding. Once I am able, I'll upload some more pics. See a few below...
Cheryl and Calvin enjoy the swing set before we head off to the wedding...

And they are now married...

And of course there was the Alpha Phi pose...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Denver Trip-Part 2

Since we were in Denver for Halloween we got to carve pumpkins and go trick-or-treating with my lil sis. Isn't she the cutest...
After getting back, and a many big beers later, we all took a turn with the mullet...of course Madison looked the best...
We also got to go to her birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese...YEAH!  Who doesn't look good ole' skeeball and some cardboard pizza?! Sadly, we had to head home the next day, but we'll be back! 

And my Saab days are over...for now

So, I'll interrupt Debbie's blogging our trip to Denver for my news. I said goodbye to the Saab after 5 years. It was time...

I purchased a Nissan Xterra. I didn't conform to the ways of Texas by getting a truck, rather I got an SUV. :-)

And now I'll turn it back over to the Hood and her synopsis of our awesome Colorado vaca!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Denver Trip-Part 1

Terence and I decided to take a week off and go spend some time with the family and outdoors in Denver. We were so lucky all week to have beautiful weather! 

Our first night we stayed in an awesome cabin in Estes Park, CO right outside Rocky Mountain National Park. 
The next day we spent driving the peak-to-peak highway and on down to Highlands Ranch to stay with my dad. 

Next day we went to Pikes Peak. It was beautiful!!!!! It is actually a 19 mile drive up from Colorado Springs to 14, 110 feet at the top of the mountain.  
Throughout the week we did some good ole tourist stuff...we toured the Denver Federal Mint, no freebies :-( and toured the famous Hammond Candy Factory, lots of freebies! 

We got to stay with my big sis for a few nights in Commerce City. Below a pic if her super cute dogs, Margie, a Great Pyrenees, and Jasmine, a Great Dane. 
We took my lil sis and dad to Casa Bonita for their birthdays and saw the cliff divers, crazy monkey, and all the sopaipillas you can eat! 

We headed up to Boulder to hike around Chatauqua Park along the Mesa trail and may have gone to a few breweries for some tastings. We loved the Redstone Meadery and Avery Brewing and you can by both the brews here in TX!