Saturday, November 13, 2010

We're Heading Back to Europe!

Well it's official, we are heading back to Europe in 2011!  It's pretty obvious that one of our favorite things to do is travel...whether domestically or internationally...  We took this year off from international travel, but next March, that will change.
From our last Europe trip (in Murano, Italy)
We have planned a 9 day trip departing late on Thursday...all the details are not worked out, but the basic framework of our trip is in place.

We are flying into Paris, then immediately taking the train to Brussels, Belgium.  There we are actually rendezvousing with Debbie's dad!  We are going to let one of the most knowledgeable beer people out there show us around the country known for some of the best beer!  We'll also be all over the Belgian chocolate...

Next we are taking the train to Heidelberg in Germany.  We'll be renting a car while driving from central Germany south...down "Romantic Road" and through smaller historic towns along the way.

We plan on getting into Fussen, Germany (not far from Munich) where we'll use the city as a launching point for a day trip to Reutte, Austria.  

Then we'll be heading to Munich for a day before taking the overnight train back to Paris... Originally we planned on driving into Zurich, but we have become more excited about Paris.  All the staples of Paris are on the preliminary first I didn't care to go up the Eiffel tower, but now...I'm excited!

Deb has been to Paris, Heidelberg, and Munich, but we'll be doing a lot of new things for her as well.  Plus, I see her previous trips to Germany and France as ways for me to skip the "fluff" and get the cliff notes version of the cities.

SO...we're excited, the planning has begun, but one things for sure...there's a LOT to plan!  Anyone have any advice, tips, or things we must do???

(FYI, we're such big fans of Rick Steves travel books, we've already purchased 3 for this trip!)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010...

We had a great time at the Reyes Annual Halloween party this was our first time actually making it.  My costume was predetermined a few months back considering all the crap I've gotten this year about being "old."  Debbie's came together on Saturday when we were getting the final touches squared away for mine.  Personally, I think Debbie's costume was awesome and much better than mine.  When she put it all on, I couldn't stop thinking "wow, she really looks older!"  Me, I thought I was kind of silly looking, but sold it as best I could.

One thing's for sure, we were both very very comfortable on the night! 
My costume consisted of old man staples...loafers, hiked up pants, a cane, a pillbox hanging out of my pocket, bushy eyebrows and glasses, and some silver hair!  (the hair was a pain to get in and out!)

Deb's was a pair of slippers with knee highs, a house coat, hair up in curlers, over done makeup, and big glasses. 

We had such a good a few other photos from the party:

 Jenn and Brian...determining the champ between Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter
 Abe as a Chilean miner...
 The guy from the Hangover with "Carlos."
 Spicer as Jesus.
And one of the most original and creative, the Tuckers came as the characters from Angy Birds.  (Angry Birds is a very addictive App available on your smart phone...)
Sorry to all those who didn't get their photo here...only so much space to blog today.  Go over to the Reyes blog and find your way to the pics from the party...

Oh and you know it's a fun party when you wake up feeling like your costume...woke up achey and feeling old.  Could have been the drinks, could have just been age...guess we'll never know!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Roma moves up a weight class!

Today, Roma did something we thought would happen long ago...she finally hit 30 pounds!  Yes, it sounds silly, but if you recall when we adopted her we thought she'd grow to 50+ pounds.  Of course the estimate dropped to 40, then to 35...but she never got there!  For about three months we've been seeing her around 29.2 to 29.8 pounds.  We joked that she just wanted to stay below 30.  But tonight on our trip to Petsmart, she weighed in at 30.2 pounds!
Tonight the little "chub" and I went for a run...I snapped a short little video clip.  She runs really well with me.  With the weather cooling down, we can do it a little more often.  I do my shorter runs with her...I try not to push her over 3 miles, that seems to be her comfort zone (and optimal distance for her).
Best part of our runs (and walks) is her listening ability...when I stop (like I did to tie my shoe), she stops and sits...waiting patiently for directions.  She does so well!
Hope you enjoyed the story of our little 30.2 pound "chub!"