Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010...

We had a great time at the Reyes Annual Halloween party this year...it was our first time actually making it.  My costume was predetermined a few months back considering all the crap I've gotten this year about being "old."  Debbie's came together on Saturday when we were getting the final touches squared away for mine.  Personally, I think Debbie's costume was awesome and much better than mine.  When she put it all on, I couldn't stop thinking "wow, she really looks older!"  Me, I thought I was kind of silly looking, but sold it as best I could.

One thing's for sure, we were both very very comfortable on the night! 
My costume consisted of old man staples...loafers, hiked up pants, a cane, a pillbox hanging out of my pocket, bushy eyebrows and glasses, and some silver hair!  (the hair was a pain to get in and out!)

Deb's was a pair of slippers with knee highs, a house coat, hair up in curlers, over done makeup, and big glasses. 

We had such a good time...here a few other photos from the party:

 Jenn and Brian...determining the champ between Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter
 Abe as a Chilean miner...
 The guy from the Hangover with "Carlos."
 Spicer as Jesus.
And one of the most original and creative, the Tuckers came as the characters from Angy Birds.  (Angry Birds is a very addictive App available on your smart phone...)
Sorry to all those who didn't get their photo here...only so much space to blog today.  Go over to the Reyes blog and find your way to the pics from the party...

Oh and you know it's a fun party when you wake up feeling like your costume...woke up achey and feeling old.  Could have been the drinks, could have just been age...guess we'll never know!

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