Friday, February 27, 2009

Baseball is Back! Opening Day April 6th

So, I missed out on tickets on the presale as I was "stubborn" on settling for crappy seats. Last year tickets they offered were terrible and I was just anxious to go, as always. This year I refused to do it and today when I checked, the game was sold out! Standing room only, I was pissed!

Anyway tonight I was reading some Astros news and decided I'd see what was available for the two Indians games (YUP, Cleveland is coming here!!!), and I checked on opening day...lucky for us, I found seats. And in Section 128, which is pretty good!

This is a view from where are seats I'm excited! This will be third Astros Opening Day Deb and I will go to. I love baseball! Can't wait for the 09 season to begin!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Kiddy wants to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! 

Wholly Guacamole!

For those that haven't had the pleasure of Terence's Guacamole yet, its REALLY good! It even got certified by a true Honduran! So when Leslie went to Honduras over Christmas she brought back this awesome Guacamole Bowl and avocado smasher, so here it is in action...

Just start with an awesome avocado (from Mexico?)...

Then mash it up and add your mixins...

and voila Wholly Guacamole in a Honduran bowl!

Thanks Lezzer!! 

My visit to Florida (two weeks ago)

So, I took a quick trip to Florida (no Debbie, just me) over Super Bowl Weekend. Not realizing it when I booked the flight, I was going to be in the air for much of the game! It was not easy to leave early (by a few hours), but I did. Had a great time at JR and Jennifer's for the big game.

Back to Florida, I finally downloaded some pics and received some from the folks. Check them out... FYI, much have Cesilie because she is a cutie!

Cesilie imitating her dad with her hands in her pockets. (I have a pic of this, but not here...)

Here I am trying to get Cesilie to nap by reading her some mail...didn't work!
I have video, but no pictures of the aftermath of giving Cesilie a full piece of chocolate cake! She went crazy...but after a full day of watching her with my parents, we sent her packing at the end of the night back to Tim and Christina!
Here's a good photo of my brother, sister and's not the best photo, but it's all I have from the trip!
Don't ask me what Leslie was describing...I could make up some things with this. Haha...but I'll refrain from doing it here!
A nice shot of my parents...
Every visit is filled with mom and I are sometimes cut throat. I will admit I BS a word here and there, but only if I can justify it. I like doing the straight face and making my mom debate it to herself. Usually she'll go and challenge me. I have a 50% success rate when she challenges me I would say. Not to metion the other times when she is down by too much to risk losing a turn! I love Scrabble time with Mom, it's the best!
I saved the best photo for last. Gracie and Cesilie naping together. Didn't happen while I was there, but quite a cute picture to share.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wedding Planning

Yeah! I have finally been getting around to planning some wedding stuff. I started our wedding website: 

Its kinda premature, but will update as more stuff is planned! Another thing I am super excited about is the ice cream we decided to have at the wedding, they have some of the best ice cream in STL ... :-) 

Terence and I are visiting STL this weekend to plan out the ceremony and hopefully pick a florist, DJ, blah blah....if anyone has recommendations please let us know!