Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My visit to Florida (two weeks ago)

So, I took a quick trip to Florida (no Debbie, just me) over Super Bowl Weekend. Not realizing it when I booked the flight, I was going to be in the air for much of the game! It was not easy to leave early (by a few hours), but I did. Had a great time at JR and Jennifer's for the big game.

Back to Florida, I finally downloaded some pics and received some from the folks. Check them out... FYI, much have Cesilie because she is a cutie!

Cesilie imitating her dad with her hands in her pockets. (I have a pic of this, but not here...)

Here I am trying to get Cesilie to nap by reading her some mail...didn't work!
I have video, but no pictures of the aftermath of giving Cesilie a full piece of chocolate cake! She went crazy...but after a full day of watching her with my parents, we sent her packing at the end of the night back to Tim and Christina!
Here's a good photo of my brother, sister and's not the best photo, but it's all I have from the trip!
Don't ask me what Leslie was describing...I could make up some things with this. Haha...but I'll refrain from doing it here!
A nice shot of my parents...
Every visit is filled with mom and I are sometimes cut throat. I will admit I BS a word here and there, but only if I can justify it. I like doing the straight face and making my mom debate it to herself. Usually she'll go and challenge me. I have a 50% success rate when she challenges me I would say. Not to metion the other times when she is down by too much to risk losing a turn! I love Scrabble time with Mom, it's the best!
I saved the best photo for last. Gracie and Cesilie naping together. Didn't happen while I was there, but quite a cute picture to share.

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