Friday, September 25, 2009

Mrs Catholic, Cataract,, it's Kadlec!

Those are names Ms. Debbie will soon be called.

When we picked up her wedding ring this week (this time they got it spot on perfect!) the lady says, "what will your new last name be?"

I answered, "Kadlec"

She says, "Catholic?"

Ugh, "No, Kad-lick," as dumbed down as I can.

She responds, "Cath-o-lick."

At this point it doesn't matter, "Yes, Catholic."

I looked over at Debbie and she said, with the straightest and blankest of expressions, "...and so it begins."

It was funny and so true. Even when I get calls from people I don't know they always say Cadillac, like the car, and Cataract (that's to you Owen!!!).

A little over 10 days to go and we'll have a new Catholic or Cataract or Cadillac...correction, Kadlec, in the family!

Baseball 2009...Nightmare is more like it!

I know Debbie said the blog is not for baseball conversations, but who cares, I'm going to vent today!

With the baseball season winding down I am usually saddened come the end of September. Typically it means my days of going to games is over, with the slight chance of going to some postseason games. This year it didn't matter because my favorite team and hometown team decided to not show up to play all summer long!

As of last night, the Indians were an impressive 61-91! That is impressive, 30 games UNDER .500! As of Thursday night they had lost 11 games in a row! Wow. What a season.

It doesn't get much better down in H-town, where the Astros are sitting 5th in the NL Central, having just lost 9 in a row, and a whopping 17.5 games behind division leading St Louis! But let's rewind two months, on July 23rd, the Astros were only 1.5 games behind! In the course of two months they handed the Cardinals 16 games in the standings and effectively all their pride.

Looks like I will need to be more supportive of Debbie's hometown team...I mean the Cardinals are all set to clinch their postseason spot, we're shopping for tickets for games before the wedding, and they are all happy in the midwest.

Too bad this year sucked for my teams. My record this year is unimpressive. I went to the Cleveland-Houston game at the end of Spring Training...Cleveland lost. Then hit 7 games during the Astros regular season...lost every one until the last game I went to. What a forgetful season for my teams.

Oh well, as the Cubs fans have been saying since 1908, "maybe next year." Too bad Indians fans, like myself, have been saying the same thing since 1948...we're not all that much better! :-)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Kitty found a mouse! (After hiding it forever ago!)

A long time ago we gave kitty a package of mice (you know the kinds for cats, not the real ones people!). Well it was reminiscent of the balls we gave her...she would play with one, to the next, to the next, and so on. The same thing happened with the mice, except kitty strategically placed them throughout our place. I would say it's been a solid 6 months since the last mouce sighting...until this weekend!

On Saturday I pulled out the humidifier (as Houston isn't humid enough!) so that I could inhale the heat and try and break up my congestion. When I opened the box out fell a little blue mouse! I mean, how did kiddy get the mouse into a closed box in the bathroom closet? It was a mystery... Note, normally, kiddy follows us around wherever we go but this time she wasn't because on Friday she got her annual shots so she was completely exhausted. I scooped up the mouse and waited until Debbie got home last night.

When Debbie got home I shook the mouse and Midnight went crazy! She was so excited, had that kitten look on her face, shear determination, and a little bit of "how did you find my mouse?!" Typically she immediately would strategically place her mouse where we wouldn't find Kramer fashion when he hides his spare key in Jerry's apartment...but all night and into the morning she was rolling around the floor loving her new found friend! Here are a few was pretty cute...
She even fetches with it! Debbie was fake throwing it and kitty would run to the other room...only to hear a soft meow follow. Then Debbie would shake it and she'd come running back. Eventually we just got used to what we used to do...throw it down the stairs...that keeps her busy for 25 seconds til she brings it back up!
Sorry for the multiple tags of Midnight, aka kitty, aka kiddy.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dress & Tuxedo...check!

While Debbie is up in St Louis this weekend handling more wedding things, I am down here in Houston...sick. But I have still been productive!

Debbie called earlier and said her dress looks great. Her voice definitely had that "genuine" sound in it, not just saying it. This was a great start to my day! Later in the day I headed to Mens Wearhouse to have my tuxedo tailored. I figured I'd wait as long as possible to get it fitted...and in doing so, I was able to exchange both the jacket and the pants for smaller sizes! I get it back on Monday... This diet has definitely had a good result for the both of us!

Now if I can just shake this damn cold! :-/

Dress & Tuxedo...check!

While Debbie is up in St Louis this weekend handling more wedding things, I am down here in Houston...sick. But I have still been productive!

Debbie called earlier and said her dress looks great. Her voice definitely had that "genuine" sound in it, not just saying it. This was a great start to my day! Later in the day I headed to Mens Wearhouse to have my tuxedo tailored. I figured I'd wait as long as possible to get it fitted...and in doing so, I was able to exchange both the jacket and the pants for smaller sizes! I get it back on Monday... This diet has definitely had a good result for the both of us!

Now if I can just shake this damn cold! :-/

Friday, September 18, 2009

"Bleh" for being sick...NO, it's NOT swine flu!

Well this week has been a long week. With all the wedding plans requiring attention, calls to be made, follow ups, dance lessons....oh and that thing called "work" still being a necessity, Deb and I are exhausted. So what better way to help aide in my exhaustion than getting sick? Right?

Tuesday I woke up with an awful sore throat, congestion, and those aches and pains associated with the flu. As the day went on, I felt better, eventually capping the day off with our dance lessons. Wednesday I felt significantly better, but by the end of the day all those early morning Tuesday symptoms had crept back. That night I went through my emails and online sites for swine flu info, just in case. Scary stuff for toddlers and babies, especially with how to detect it and stuff. Yikes! in any case, I was in the clear and definitely felt as though I was just sick with a cold, not swine flu or the seasonal flu. No fever, etc. Anyways Thursday was great because I had to get to the office early and prep for a site visit to the Shell Refinery here in Houston. Who needs to inhale Vick's when they can go to a refinery and inhale methane and all the other conglomerates of fumes? By the end of my site visit I was exhausted and ill. It's the double edged sword because if you say "I'm to sick to come in," you'll get those questionable looks. However, when you do come in, you get the comments like, "oh why are you here, don't hurt yourself." It's truly a no win situation.

Best conversation of the day went like this:

He says, "Well, Michael Jordan played with a 102 degree fever."

My response, "I'm not Michael Jordan. I don't get paid millions."

His response, "he didn't do it for the money."

My response, "yeah, but I'm not playing on the 1995 Chicago Bulls. I work for Halcrow."

I mean, come on people. I'm pale (not just my normal paleness, a little more extreme), I'm talking with a scratchy and hoarse voice, walking around like a little old man, my eyes rolling around, my thought process not quite there, and probably looking quite disheveled, why make comparisons to me visiting a project site to Michael Jordan's honorable play? Oye, you just can't win!

At the end of the day I was exhausted and came home. And today I spent at home trying to get better. As of now, I'm feeling better...and really, it's better that I'm sick this week then in three from now!

I mean, who would want to congratulate the groom at his wedding if you appeared to be a swine flu carrier? :-)

And one last time, I don't have it...with the fear in America right now, you have to assume every sick person has it!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stupid Parades

OK, so everyone says that something will go wrong with the wedding, well I already know what it is! There is a parade blocking all access roads to the church just in time for our ceremony to begin!

Yep, it is St. Charles' Bicentennial Celebration that weekend which is great because our out of town guests will have plenty to do (hay rides, movies under the stars, historic tours...), everything but making it to the church!

You can see the Parade route below, St. Charles Borromeo is 1 block North of Clark Street. SO you can see that to get from the highway/hotel to the church you would typically head down 5th Street. This intersection may or may not still be closed when guests should be arriving.

I spoke with the parade coordinator for the city today, she didn't sound hopeful, but told me the parade starts at 12pm and 'should' be over by 2pm. And she promised to talk with the police and get some suggested routes for our guests. So please stay tuned for updates!

Terence and I did a walking estimate on Google Maps tonight and it will take 16 minutes to get to Blanchette Park (C) from 5th and Clark (B). Which means the last float should pass through the intersection that we need by about 1:45pm.

Any suggestions?
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wedding Overload!

We are now within a month! Approximately 24 days, 23 hours, 44 minutes, and change! Yikes!

Debbie is working soooo hard now, and I'm working...well, lets just say I'm "contributing as needed." I think that's fair. This past weekend Debbie and I seemingly got a lot accomplished. We headed out to the Houston outlets, just outside Houston (on the Northwest side). I was able to finish my "need to buy for the wedding and honeymoon" list, but Debbie...not so much. We have a lot left! Then on Sunday Debbie had to work but we were still able to assemble our wedding ceremony that evening. Last night we put together our songs for the ceremony, hymns, processional, etc etc. It's a lot of work considering we can only use certain songs (for the church). We were working past midnight! (Again more Debbie than me...)

Anyways, we are chugging along. Less than three weeks of work to go for the two of us, then we will enjoy the four weeks off!

Funny line today came from my friend, and groomsmen, Alok. He wrote to me, "I am sure you and Debbie must be inundated with things to worry about, but between a structural engineer and a astro-physicist, I am sure that all eventualities must have been planned for :)"

I laughed. When I read this, I thought of the fifty things I need to do! Have to get my tux tailored, call our priest, book the rest of our excursions etc etc etc. It was one of the first moments that I realized just how stressed Debbie must be (and have been for the past year plus!). She is so awesome!

Friday, September 11, 2009

So We're Dancing a "Rumba"

It was an interesting first dance lesson, no joke at all. I don't even know where to begin! Debbie signed us up for dance lessons for the wedding. See, we don't want to look like complete tools during our first dance, so we are getting lessons. Really, they are for me! :-) Stack the two of us up together and Debbie looks like a professional...versus me, the "challenged" one.

When we got there and Debbie was filling in the form the guy says across the counter, "Terence you can relax, it's not that bad." It felt like I was at the doctors, all that anxiety and all! Once we met up with our dance instructor, who neither Debbie or I could remember his name afterwards, he brought us up to speed. When asked of our level of experience, I think "nothing, nada, zilch" could sum it up! When we got to the dancing, our song we decided to do our first dance to came on. (NOTE: we really don't have a song that is "ours," aside from "Video Killed the Radio Star." hahaha, don't ask!) It was decided we'd do a "Rumba" which I recall from Debbie and our days watching So You Think You Can Dance. Saying "Foxtrot" and "Waltz" just makes me think of all the professional dancers on the show failing miserably doing these dances, so they decide to send us up there to do this! Yikes!

I will hold off on all the details of our training and lessons, but I will continue to poke fun at myself, the guy with two left feet with what our instructor kept saying to me..."breathe." Yup, I guess my multi-tasking is limited to walking and breathing, because dancing and breathing is just too much for me! :-)

More to come...

Deb and I have been together over 5 1/2 years, but I realized...I don't think I have one picture of us dancing! Nope, I do! It was back in 2004 at Debbie's sorority formal. We were dancing (I think) just before or after this picture. Whatever, it works. It's like a book with's more entertaining than the book without pictures (well, not really...). (NOTE: perhaps the blogmaster will have to step in here and update me. I don't think this was 2004...I recall Debbie in a black dress, so perhaps this was another year...hmmm...whatever, it's the closest thing I have to us dancing!)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom! I will be a little more cordial today for you, mom! I save the sarcasm, jokes, and a-hole-ish comments for my siblings...i.e., Tamara yesterday!

I wish that Debbie and I were able to make it to Florida to help celebrate, but with the wedding in only ONE month, it wasn't possible. I thought the following pics were classic shots...

Here is my mom and I playing Scrabble...of course my mom is doing what she does often during our games...challenging my words! I like to think I win more than I lose, but we'll see. I smell a challenge in St Louis pre-wedding!

One of my mom and I when I was younger, thought it was a funny "past" picture...(this isn't the long hair that Debbie likes to make fun of, but it's what led to it!)

And of course my mom and her kids...

Happy Birthday Mom!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Sis! (One year closer to AARP!)

Happy Birthday to my OLDER sister, Tamara!

One thing I must say about her is that she will always be older than me. See, it's nice to be able to play this card becauase Debbie plays it on me all the time! "You'll always be older than me." What kind of brother would I be if I didn't blog a very happy birthday to my sister? Or try to embrass her? (NOTE: I already have done that once on the blog, just go back to the post where she thinks doing the YMCA in Yankee Stadium is cool. Click here to see it again!) Anyways, to get back on track, I have gone back through some photos and tried to find the best ones possible... Don't worry Tamara, you'll have your opportunity to get me back during the wedding in a few weeks! I mean, these are some classic shots! (You are a loyal reader to the blog, so what better way than do a little mockery tribute, right?)

Check out my brother Tim hitting her! (NOTE: he really didn't hit her, it was posed, but some people in the parking lot didn't realize it! It was so funny!)
Here we have Tamara with her boyfriend Tim doing what they love best...being immigrants? I don't know...see I associate them as hippies...driving the Prius, wearing organic shirts (granted we got her one for her bday, we're no better), etc etc! Now this one is a classic shot of Tamara in her youth, oh so long ago! This is 1987 and in posting this, I really throw myself under the bus too, and my brother too. We all look silly!
Well Happy Birthday Tamara! This was you a few years ago during one of your know, when you were in your 20s. :-)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Debbie, the "Blogmaster"

So last night Debbie was catching up on the blog and realized I had asked her to post pictures of her little sister, Madison, when she tried on the flower girl dress earlier this year. Like I said, I didn't want to go through our digital photos because I didn't want to stumble upon any pictures of Debbie's wedding dress. Anyways, I look over and I see she's editting MY post from Sunday! I was like WHAT!!!! It appears that as "blogmaster" she has the "rights and ability" to do this. Since I was only "invited" to the blog, I can only post.

So Deb is the blogmaster and the boss...what do I bring...besides the Kadlec name?

I guess this is what married life is like, huh? Just kidding, Deb! :-)


Yep I'm the boss! :-)

Monday, September 7, 2009

What we eat...

With the wedding coming up Terence and I have both been trying to eat better. I somehow talked him into doing the South Beach Diet with me and his gym motivation has finally worn off on me :-)

So for two weeks it felt like all we ate was celery! This was the so called "Phase 1" and I think we both did is a pic after grocery shopping one day. I have never bought so many fresh vegetables!
This obviously isn't all we eat, but this is the majority! We became pretty adventurous with recipes...aka Terence tried recipes that I found, like cauliflower mashed potatoes and shrimp scampi! Phase 2 is now in full swing and the more weeks that go on the better it gets and the more people I talk to about it the more I learn. Like cheese chips...just bake some low-fat shredded cheese on a baking stone and you've got chips for dipping that are Phase 1 friendly! Thanks Kristine! Oh and thank you Sam's Choice for your frozen stuffed chicken breasts!

Wish us luck in the next 4 weeks!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Flower Girl Preview

With the wedding just over a month away (WOW!), we sent Cesilie's flower girl dress to Florida for her to try on. We didn't want any surprises come the wedding day of "uh, it's to small" or "it's huge!" Granted those are great TWSS comments, we're talking about my niece here!

Here are a couple pics:

I don't know where the ones of Madison, Debbie's little sister and elder flower girl, are. I don't want to stumble upon any wedding dress pictures (which I know are stored on the MAC).

Update: (from the "blogmaster")

Pics of Madison when we went shopping in April...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Shower!

A few weeks ago I went to STL for another wedding planning trip, except this one was a bit more fun! Well nothing is as fun as trying cake and ice cream all day, but....I had my bridal shower! My sister, mom, and aunt all planned an awesome party for me with so much of my wedding ideas thrown in. They bought flowers from my florist, cake from my bakery, and ice cream from Serendipity, it was like a wedding preview! So many friends and family were there as well and "showered" me with some totally awesome bridal gifts. Thanks again to everyone!

Here is a pic of all the family ladies...