Friday, September 25, 2009

Baseball 2009...Nightmare is more like it!

I know Debbie said the blog is not for baseball conversations, but who cares, I'm going to vent today!

With the baseball season winding down I am usually saddened come the end of September. Typically it means my days of going to games is over, with the slight chance of going to some postseason games. This year it didn't matter because my favorite team and hometown team decided to not show up to play all summer long!

As of last night, the Indians were an impressive 61-91! That is impressive, 30 games UNDER .500! As of Thursday night they had lost 11 games in a row! Wow. What a season.

It doesn't get much better down in H-town, where the Astros are sitting 5th in the NL Central, having just lost 9 in a row, and a whopping 17.5 games behind division leading St Louis! But let's rewind two months, on July 23rd, the Astros were only 1.5 games behind! In the course of two months they handed the Cardinals 16 games in the standings and effectively all their pride.

Looks like I will need to be more supportive of Debbie's hometown team...I mean the Cardinals are all set to clinch their postseason spot, we're shopping for tickets for games before the wedding, and they are all happy in the midwest.

Too bad this year sucked for my teams. My record this year is unimpressive. I went to the Cleveland-Houston game at the end of Spring Training...Cleveland lost. Then hit 7 games during the Astros regular season...lost every one until the last game I went to. What a forgetful season for my teams.

Oh well, as the Cubs fans have been saying since 1908, "maybe next year." Too bad Indians fans, like myself, have been saying the same thing since 1948...we're not all that much better! :-)

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