Friday, September 25, 2009

Mrs Catholic, Cataract,, it's Kadlec!

Those are names Ms. Debbie will soon be called.

When we picked up her wedding ring this week (this time they got it spot on perfect!) the lady says, "what will your new last name be?"

I answered, "Kadlec"

She says, "Catholic?"

Ugh, "No, Kad-lick," as dumbed down as I can.

She responds, "Cath-o-lick."

At this point it doesn't matter, "Yes, Catholic."

I looked over at Debbie and she said, with the straightest and blankest of expressions, "...and so it begins."

It was funny and so true. Even when I get calls from people I don't know they always say Cadillac, like the car, and Cataract (that's to you Owen!!!).

A little over 10 days to go and we'll have a new Catholic or Cataract or Cadillac...correction, Kadlec, in the family!

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