Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom! I will be a little more cordial today for you, mom! I save the sarcasm, jokes, and a-hole-ish comments for my siblings...i.e., Tamara yesterday!

I wish that Debbie and I were able to make it to Florida to help celebrate, but with the wedding in only ONE month, it wasn't possible. I thought the following pics were classic shots...

Here is my mom and I playing Scrabble...of course my mom is doing what she does often during our games...challenging my words! I like to think I win more than I lose, but we'll see. I smell a challenge in St Louis pre-wedding!

One of my mom and I when I was younger, thought it was a funny "past" picture...(this isn't the long hair that Debbie likes to make fun of, but it's what led to it!)

And of course my mom and her kids...

Happy Birthday Mom!

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