Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wedding Overload!

We are now within a month! Approximately 24 days, 23 hours, 44 minutes, and change! Yikes!

Debbie is working soooo hard now, and I'm working...well, lets just say I'm "contributing as needed." I think that's fair. This past weekend Debbie and I seemingly got a lot accomplished. We headed out to the Houston outlets, just outside Houston (on the Northwest side). I was able to finish my "need to buy for the wedding and honeymoon" list, but Debbie...not so much. We have a lot left! Then on Sunday Debbie had to work but we were still able to assemble our wedding ceremony that evening. Last night we put together our songs for the ceremony, hymns, processional, etc etc. It's a lot of work considering we can only use certain songs (for the church). We were working past midnight! (Again more Debbie than me...)

Anyways, we are chugging along. Less than three weeks of work to go for the two of us, then we will enjoy the four weeks off!

Funny line today came from my friend, and groomsmen, Alok. He wrote to me, "I am sure you and Debbie must be inundated with things to worry about, but between a structural engineer and a astro-physicist, I am sure that all eventualities must have been planned for :)"

I laughed. When I read this, I thought of the fifty things I need to do! Have to get my tux tailored, call our priest, book the rest of our excursions etc etc etc. It was one of the first moments that I realized just how stressed Debbie must be (and have been for the past year plus!). She is so awesome!

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