Friday, January 23, 2009

Debbie and Golf...they now go together!

So, for Christmas I gave Debbie the essentials to learning golf...not a full set; but a driver, fairway wood, wedge and putter. Her bag came this week... I won't say they are all nicer than mine, but some definitely are...mainly the fairway woods.

Well, yesterday was our first "lesson" and it was a success. Granted there were some swing and misses, there were also some awesome hits! She was getting some out there 200 I was impressed. Down the road we'll get her a set of irons or "in-betweens" as Debbie dubbed them...I chose to wait on these because irons are not the easiest clubs to learn on.

This is all part of the master plan so on our next Mexico and/or Hawaii vacation, we can golf together!

We took a few photos, but I don't have them here...I'll get them up so you can see my little protege...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Found some Christmas photos!

So, this weekend has been nice and relaxing...haven't done much outside of taking the christmas decorations down, watch some NFL playoff games, and a nice spontaneous night out at the Melting Pot on Friday.

One thing we did find was a few pictures from the holidays...

Debbie, Christine, Adam, and myself at the Festival of Lights at Moody Gardens down in Galveston.

Debbie and Christine...

Debbie, Christine and Mary Gail in front of the tree...

Leslie and doing our best "reinactment" of the infamous 2004 New Years photo...

Now, I am still awaiting more photos...we'll see if, and when, I get them!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

UPDATE! Midnight is a Pet Model!

No joke, I even signed the consent form, Midnight is now a "Pet Talent/Model." Perhaps it won't just be in Canada, as we were previously told, but she is going to be featured in the "Feeding is Believing" campaign. Too funny, eh? We are even getting a small amount for supplying her story and pictures. Looks like kiddy has earned her keep!

Check out her testimonial proof they sent!

Happy New Year...

So, we had a busy and enjoyable Christmas and New Years here in Texas. Deb and I, mostly Deb, had to work so we couldn't venture off for the holidays. We were lucky to be joined by Deb's mom, and her sister and husband. Had some good fun at the movies, playing our new Wii, and just relaxing. All the gifts we received were awesome, many of which (George Foreman, Wii, etc) are already getting some good attention!

Didn't get any time between their visit and our New Year's guests. Victoria and Luca arrived on the heels of Christine and Adam leaving, and the following day Leslie arrived. Enjoyed the new year at home with some stiff drinks, games, and more drinks. Lots of fun. Saw Body Worlds, did some shopping, but then everyone had to leave.

I actually have NO pictures of all of this...everyone else was taking them (Christine and Victoria...send them our way!!!). When we get some, I'll post some.

Hope everyone else had a great new year, too!!!