Tuesday, January 6, 2009

UPDATE! Midnight is a Pet Model!

No joke, I even signed the consent form, Midnight is now a "Pet Talent/Model." Perhaps it won't just be in Canada, as we were previously told, but she is going to be featured in the "Feeding is Believing" campaign. Too funny, eh? We are even getting a small amount for supplying her story and pictures. Looks like kiddy has earned her keep!

Check out her testimonial proof they sent!


  1. I have one issue with this. It's signed Debbie Kadlec.... Unless this is coming out after October this is false advertising. You will be hearing from my lawyers.

    jk- go kitty!

  2. I concur with the false advertising... if the signature must be that way it should read:
    - Debbie and Terence Kadlec


    that's right dbag!