Friday, January 23, 2009

Debbie and Golf...they now go together!

So, for Christmas I gave Debbie the essentials to learning golf...not a full set; but a driver, fairway wood, wedge and putter. Her bag came this week... I won't say they are all nicer than mine, but some definitely are...mainly the fairway woods.

Well, yesterday was our first "lesson" and it was a success. Granted there were some swing and misses, there were also some awesome hits! She was getting some out there 200 I was impressed. Down the road we'll get her a set of irons or "in-betweens" as Debbie dubbed them...I chose to wait on these because irons are not the easiest clubs to learn on.

This is all part of the master plan so on our next Mexico and/or Hawaii vacation, we can golf together!

We took a few photos, but I don't have them here...I'll get them up so you can see my little protege...

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