Friday, September 11, 2009

So We're Dancing a "Rumba"

It was an interesting first dance lesson, no joke at all. I don't even know where to begin! Debbie signed us up for dance lessons for the wedding. See, we don't want to look like complete tools during our first dance, so we are getting lessons. Really, they are for me! :-) Stack the two of us up together and Debbie looks like a professional...versus me, the "challenged" one.

When we got there and Debbie was filling in the form the guy says across the counter, "Terence you can relax, it's not that bad." It felt like I was at the doctors, all that anxiety and all! Once we met up with our dance instructor, who neither Debbie or I could remember his name afterwards, he brought us up to speed. When asked of our level of experience, I think "nothing, nada, zilch" could sum it up! When we got to the dancing, our song we decided to do our first dance to came on. (NOTE: we really don't have a song that is "ours," aside from "Video Killed the Radio Star." hahaha, don't ask!) It was decided we'd do a "Rumba" which I recall from Debbie and our days watching So You Think You Can Dance. Saying "Foxtrot" and "Waltz" just makes me think of all the professional dancers on the show failing miserably doing these dances, so they decide to send us up there to do this! Yikes!

I will hold off on all the details of our training and lessons, but I will continue to poke fun at myself, the guy with two left feet with what our instructor kept saying to me..."breathe." Yup, I guess my multi-tasking is limited to walking and breathing, because dancing and breathing is just too much for me! :-)

More to come...

Deb and I have been together over 5 1/2 years, but I realized...I don't think I have one picture of us dancing! Nope, I do! It was back in 2004 at Debbie's sorority formal. We were dancing (I think) just before or after this picture. Whatever, it works. It's like a book with's more entertaining than the book without pictures (well, not really...). (NOTE: perhaps the blogmaster will have to step in here and update me. I don't think this was 2004...I recall Debbie in a black dress, so perhaps this was another year...hmmm...whatever, it's the closest thing I have to us dancing!)

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