Monday, November 1, 2010

Roma moves up a weight class!

Today, Roma did something we thought would happen long ago...she finally hit 30 pounds!  Yes, it sounds silly, but if you recall when we adopted her we thought she'd grow to 50+ pounds.  Of course the estimate dropped to 40, then to 35...but she never got there!  For about three months we've been seeing her around 29.2 to 29.8 pounds.  We joked that she just wanted to stay below 30.  But tonight on our trip to Petsmart, she weighed in at 30.2 pounds!
Tonight the little "chub" and I went for a run...I snapped a short little video clip.  She runs really well with me.  With the weather cooling down, we can do it a little more often.  I do my shorter runs with her...I try not to push her over 3 miles, that seems to be her comfort zone (and optimal distance for her).
Best part of our runs (and walks) is her listening ability...when I stop (like I did to tie my shoe), she stops and sits...waiting patiently for directions.  She does so well!
Hope you enjoyed the story of our little 30.2 pound "chub!"

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