Tuesday, November 3, 2009

When in Rome...day 1/2

So I didn't quite get through all the 1400 pictures tonight, buuuut I did get though the first day in Rome. So here goes...

We left St. Louis the Tuesday after the wedding, a little late to the airport... after finding out that the banks were closed on Monday as it was a holiday, we were unable to get the Euros we ordered earlier...minor freak out taken care of on Tuesday morning :-)

Terence on the flight to Rome from Newark...about one second after regretting our new travel pillow purchase...super!
After we arrived in Rome, we taxied it to our hotel. Taxi dude tried to rip us off, I told him clearly it was a flat fee (with a little help from the bell-hop)...this was the first of many times I got yelled at on our honeymoon, big smiles :-) After changing at the Hotel Artimede (props to Terence for picking out an awesome hotel), we HAD to get food!
Is Terence getting bigger or did this cup shrink? Just kidding, when in Rome we must do as the Romans do and order "un caffe" (espresso).

First up was the Roman Forum and Colosseum. We used the Rick Steves book for his fabulous walking tour, Terence and I both recommend this book for anyone traveling to Italy!

Next up it was food time again, this time we hunted out the famous Gelati place, close to the Pantheon. YUMMY, we thought this was going to be pretty tough to beat, but Florence wins hands down, best Gelato!

Again, I got yelled at for messing up when trying to order in Italian, he got pretty angry with me for making the bus loads of little kids wait like 2 seconds, he must have missed his siesta!

After this we headed back to our hotel for our own siesta. Then you guessed it, food time! We made a quick stop off at the Spanish steps, unfortunately none of the pics with the church in the back were that great as the lighting was poor at night, but I got a self-timer shot...
Dinner was in a side cafe around Piazza Navona, which turned out to be one of our favorite places and was re-visited the last night in Rome!

Next morning we were so tired we overslept till 11:45 am! With 15 minutes to get out of the room, we were looking good and on our way to the Trevi Fountain to quick toss in our 3 coins over the shoulder. This is supposed to guarantee our return to Rome in the future... it worked last time!
Finally, it was time to head down to the Port which we still cannot pronounce, Civitavecchia. We decided to take the train down, as it was the most economic option and we figured we could handle it! Well, we did, but only with the support of some nice Italians assuring us of the correct train and returning the camera that fell out of my purse! We then took a taxi to the cruise ship, this time sharing with a couple we met at the train station that happened to be on our ship as well!
First thing to do on the ship...eat and drink, of course! I also have to entertain myself while Terence takes pictures of all the ships in the port...believe me there are a ton!
Next up: Naples with Pompei and Mt. Vesuvius

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