Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Water Slide!!! Day 4, Day at Sea...

The weather was cold throughout the honeymoon for the first week...but the best chance we had to ride the water slide, the longest at sea, was today! It was in the 60s (maybe 50s, but likely 60s) and windy, very very windy!

So...Debbie and I were in the spa much of the morning that day. It was mid-day when Bob and Lisa (our friends we met on the cruise joined us in the Thalassotherapy Pool. (It was awesome! We were in in nearly every day! It was the biggest reason we signed up for Spa membership access for the length of the cruise...) Anyways, we got to talking that the racer slides were open. These were two slides that ran parallel that you could race down. Bob and I both started claiming we would be faster, which led to the four of us heading to Deck 15 for the race(s)! The big slide wasn't open just yet...so we figured lets bring some demand and perhaps they'd let it open...

There was some cheating in the races...I jumped early, then Bob...it was awesome. We had a crowd watching (no joke) wondering what lunatics were going down the freezing cold water slides! The wives were watching in support from a nearby deck... Eventually, they opened the big slides! The platform to the slides is so high up, you are far above the top deck and nearly looking straight at the mast and smokestack. This was when we were going around the boot of Italy so the views were amazing!

The two slides were great, a drainpipe which you fly into a big bowl where you loop around till you stop. The other is a 500 ft slide (I think) that twists and turns...wow...both a ton of fun. The people continued to watch and a few even joined in. It was an awesome afternoon!

Later in the day it was formal night...the Captains Gala too. Free drinks! When drinks are upwards of $8 and $10 each, we absolutely took advantage...

Fun day...next up, TWO days in Venice!!!

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