Sunday, October 25, 2009

No Barcelona :-( but overnight in Monte Carlo!

Yep that's right our cruise sailed into some northern winds from
Africa, which I guess is some rare occasion, but gave or baby cruise
ship quite a scare! We had 40 foot waves and 70 mile an hour winds,
and to the coast guard that meant we had to turn around and could no
longer make it to Barcelona :-( We did however get another day at sea
and an early arrival in Monaco.

We decided to take the night and fancy ourselves up and headed out to
THE Monte Carlo Casino! Terence ended up winning a little which
covered our entrance fees, some Perrier, and a little extra play
money! This is the most expensive place ever, you wouldn't believe the
cars here!

Today we headed to Nice on the train and toured the rest of Monaco on
our own. Tommorow is Florence then Rome then home, boo.

See you all soon though!

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