Thursday, December 30, 2010

Worst Golf Game in YEARS!

A few weeks ago we played at Evergreen Point Golf in Baytown.  First time playing there.  It appears I'm starting to review the courses I play at, so why not continue.  I can sum it up was relatively flat, well kept, and full of mosquitos!  The course itself wasn't particularly hard...but somehow I managed to make it impossible!  I played like crap throughout...why not throw myself under the bus and embrass myself...I screwed up 4 tee shots (as if I'd never swung a club before) in which I was taking my second shot from nearly the same spot!

Overall on the day I came in last...4th out of 4, with an awful round of...107.  GASP! 

I did have some nice shots...
The weather was nice, the leaves were changing...

Next up, Wildcat Golf Club over new years weekend...let's hope for a bounce back week...looking to drop that score by atleast 20 strokes!

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