Thursday, December 30, 2010

Caring for our sick pup...and her recovery

As many of you may know, Roma became very ill from her boarding stay while we were away over Thanksgiving.  It's been four weeks, and just so you know, she is better.  It was the road to recovery, particularly the week following, that was the worst.

Roma stayed at a local boarding facility in Houston.  I won't go slander them publicly, but if you live in the Houston area and want to know who it is, feel free to email me.  We had heard good things about them from people while socializing at the dog park, as well as local pet events.  Our normal facility was full, so we had no choice but to find an alternate.  

As for her stay, as far as we knew during our trip, she was doing just fine.  I even called and they said she was doing great.  Go figure that wasn't close to the truth.  In fact, the day we picked her up she was reportedly sick...and lethargic.  The night we got her home we noticed and we quickly called the facility.  They said, "she was fine."  We didn't find out until the next day that she was actually sick all day.  

Five days followed, five visits to the vet.  Multiple shots, blood tests, injections, and subcutaneous fluid injections...and more followed.  You can see the "bump" on her back...that's the fluid they injected.

She definitely was not a happy pup all week. Nor were Deb and I happy parents.  We were worried, concerned, and angry.  We took a combined three days off of work and slept very little.  It didn't help that we battled and battled with the boarding facility over vet bills and refunds.  They became increasingly more in denial of doing anything wrong.  Guess what, they were!!  

The major thing they did wrong...they gave her her benadryl tablets (for her allergies) with HOT DOG pieces!  Real hot dog!  We have never given her table food and this was what caused her the pancreatitis symptoms and reactions.  Roma is on a very high quality diet, good treats, nothing close to processed.  

Our vet was wonderful...if you need a good vet, we whole heartedly recommend Claws and Paws in Pearland.  Hands down, they were wonderful to Roma.

Also, if you need a good local boarding facility (and day care), Rover Oaks continually is top notch.  Our experience with their day care for the past 10 months has been wonderful.  The multiple times she's been boarded there, including twice during December, they were great.

And lastly, to cheer Roma up, we pissed kitty off...put her in a silly hat.  Thanks go out to Victoria on that one...still fun to put on her years later!

As of today, we have finally resolved the outstanding issues with the bad boarding facility.  They will never see our business again and will never get a hint of a recommendation.  They tried to be good about the vet bills...but they wouldn't even fully pay the last one.   I urge you all with pets...research your boarding facilities carefully, I would never wish what Roma went through on anyone...

Thanks again for all the concern for Roma.  She is doing well and is back to her normal, happy self.  Chasing kitty, cuddling on the couch...being Roma.

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  1. This breaks my heart. Glad to hear that Roma is all better. Excuse me... I have to go hug my pup now.