Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy New Year 2011...

Happy New Year to everyone...and sorry it's so late.  We have been busy with family, friends, work, etc etc...  Hopefully the holidays were great for everyone.  Ours were wonderful.  We got to see all the family between our travels to St Louis, Denver, Florida, as well as those who came and saw us in Houston.  No doubt about it, we are tired!

We kicked off the new year at our friends' black tie party...I even pulled out the tux for it...why not, considering we bought it for the wedding.  We had a great time that night..

A blurry shot, but this is all we have...unless others happened to snap one. 
The next day I hit the links for our annual New Years Day golf game...with two foursomes at Wildcat.  Definitely was a hard course...wasn't as bad as two weeks prior, but wasn't good either.  We were dealing with very chilly temperatures along with gusty winds.  I went "tin cup" once again, but at the end of the day, it was a great day at a great course.
Our last visit was by Deb's mom and sis, who both came down for a long weekend to share a belated xmas.  Kitty got a gift, which she loved...a chirping bird.  We obviously have to hold Roma as she'd likely swallow it whole leaving a very disappointed cat. 

Kitty doesn't make the blog much (with Roma hogging all the time), but today she does:
Many more things to come as the new year moves forward...will have to get to posting as time allows! 

Happy New Year all..... 

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