Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Fan's Dream, MLB Hall of Fame in Cooperstown!

First off, Congratulations to Megan and Helen!  Their wedding was awesome and we had a wonderful time.  We wish them many years of happiness to come!  It was a great weekend in upstate New York!

An obvious highlight (taking nothing from the wedding, of course) was the MLB Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.  When Debbie and I were discussing our Fall plans and the numerous weddings, travels, and holidays, we figured our time was all booked up.  I should have been more aware of the proximity of Cooperstown to Albany and Syracuse (where we flew into, and were the wedding was)...but I give all the credit to Deb for suggesting "why don't we go to Cooperstown?"  WOW, what a wife!  And we made it happen...
Cheryl and Calvin joined us for the day, which made it fun!
It was baseball immortality there, seeing how the game came to be, how it has evolved, the historic artifacts, photos, memorabilia, etc etc etc.  It was baseball overload, and it was awesome!!
Read the caption...wouldn't be okay now!
I'll admit, there was a lot of Yankees stuff there, which I was not too fond of...but I have to remember, there have been some amazing players in history that have been Yankees.  I admire their careers and their accomplishments, but I still consider myself a Yankee-hater!  Sorry folks.

I liked this display with Ted Williams hitting zones, that he put together, I was actually fascinated with this...Red is where he hit the best, blue not as well...
The women in baseball section was there, just like in A League of Their Own, including giveaways in Cleveland (!!!) from years back...aprons!
The movie debate was guys versus girls...The guys say Major League was the best, girls said A League of Their Own.  Granted both were good movies, you have to defer to the Indians winning it all in the ML movie!

The plaque room was awesome...seeing all the history there and realizing how many have played the game with such honor was amazing.
We even saw current memorabilia from historic moments this year...perfect games, no hitters, and more.  Plus we saw Barry Bonds' "asterik" baseball from his record-breaking home run.
Debbie's Cardinals...a locker full of modern-day memorabilia...
Greatest team ever, the Indians!  WOOHOO!  We will win again soon, 1948 was a looooong time ago!
It was a great great day!  Can't wait to go back with the little Kadlec's...after they are born and of course get older!  Haha.

Baseball Rules!!!


  1. Yes, baseball rules and I'll definitely tell Tim to check our your post. Little Kadlec's? Do you know something I do not know? :-) Tamara

  2. There are NO little Kadlec's coming on this end right now...for the little greatest probability of new little K's, ask our brother....