Monday, September 20, 2010

Another 2nd Place Finish...Eyeglasses for MVP!

It's been a few weeks since it was really "news," as if you can really call it "news" anyways!  While the Pearland Little League was dominating in Williamsport, PA in the Little League World Series, the Chuggers were climbing the ranks in our softball league.  Well we ended up in 2nd place...similar to the Pearland LL team that ended up 2nd in the country.  (Their's was a much bigger accomplishment, of course!)

It was another successful season for me...I've been playing with these guys for a few seasons now and posted my best numbers to date.  And you know what made all the difference down the stretch?  My glasses!!

My stats...0.730 batting average, 7 homeruns, 24 RBI's, 7 doubles, 4 triples...with 22 runs scored.  The last two weeks of the season I sported my glasses and did the most damage.  I went 12 for 13 with 3 homeruns, all 4 of my triples, and 10 RBI's...enough to win the team batting title, too!  Plus I played a more solid third base.

Who would have thought GLASSES would make a difference?!?  I guess I thought my vision was better than it really was.  I vote for my eyeglasses as MVP...

New season opens on September 23rd.  Due to Pearland's restructuring of softball we are moving from recreational to competetive league.  I'm going to need my glasses that much more! 


  1. Wow, bravo to the MVP...eyeglasses! Your post was freaking hilarious Terence! I loved it! Now, if only those eyeglasses of yours could type, they'd tell us something different. Maybe you should invest in some prescription sunglasses for that competitive (note the spelling) league! Tamara

  2. FYI, for day games, I use my RX sunglasses! That's why during the day games I typically play better...who'd of thought when you can actually SEE you play better.....hahhaha