Thursday, September 9, 2010


Warning...this is just more puppy pics...

My poor little Macbook is overloaded with too many photos and videos and has stopped backing up to my external hard I haven't been able to download the pics from our trip to upstate New York this past weekend. We did have an awesome time and will definitely be getting you some pics, Congrats to Megan and Helen!!

For now you get the pup...WINK!

Her newest thing...the "token ear". One ear is floppy and the other sticks straight on one side, business on the other :-)

I am not quite quick enough with the camera to catch her in full action...hence she always looks sleepy in her pics...

If she could talk...she'd be telling me to get outta her face!

Terence says I show favoritism to our newest member of the family, but how could I not...

I mean kiddy looks like she wants to kill me all the time!

You better watch yourself...


  1. I enjoy your doggie and kiddy pictures, Debbie. :-) Have a nice day! Tamara

  2. hi debbie, you have captured the pics very fine and its looking cool dear!nice blog!take care!

  3. These are gorgeous babies and pics :)