Friday, August 27, 2010

Roma: "...the best day of my life!"

Yesterday, Roma was given the all clear by our vet that she was no longer contagious.  The news definitely was the best news we could have possibly received.  Two weeks ago we tried to get her cleared, but she just wasn't ready.  It was like Christmas came early, we got to send her to daycare.  Our excitement might sound silly, but we knew it was hard for Roma.  No dog park, no playing with our friends' dogs, no day care, and if she didn't get better, it would have meant no boarding (we have two weddings coming up in the next few weeks).  

So, the news was great.  In the car this morning, she looked like a kid on Christmas morning.  And 9 hours later she was tired!
Didn't even make it out of the parking lot and she was done for!
Sleeping and snoring on the couch...
Kitty was wondering why she wasn't getting chased today...she was utterly confused!
Being so tired, she even let kitty come and sleep next to her on the couch.  


  1. Roma and Midnight are so cute sleeping on the couch together. They are adorable! I'm sure the peaceful times will not continue...Roma will be ready to chase Midnight all around town tomorrow. Glad to know she is not contagious and healthy again. Take care! Tamara

  2. Oh my goodness your kitty looks just like my Cabo and she sleeps with her poodle Koko just like this...your babies are adorable :)