Monday, August 2, 2010

Bigfoot! Nope, just "big" clumsy feet! What a week at work...

Last week was an interesting week for me.  It was my second week back post-vacation, and I was finally getting my rhythm back, that is until my first blunder on Wednesday...

Granted, the photo doesn't really show it, I tracked mud into a church I was inspecting.  Not a big deal, I know, but a mess I was on the hook for.  I made the call to the office and all would be taken care of.  I'd heard of stories of damages caused during our inspections...this was minor.  One of my colleagues told me a story about when he stepped through a roof, and another about my boss falling through a roof (and narrowly escaping a 20 foot fall).  They said, "don't worry, if you haven't yet, you'll step through a roof."  My response was simply, "that's okay, I'll pass!"  
I passed...but, less than 24 hours actually passed when it happened.  While up in an attic, I lost my balance momentarily on a loose board, and my right foot went crashing through the ceiling...fell down to my hip.
The damages were relatively minor...not the end of the world.  I knocked through a piece of sheetrock and some insulation came down.  My ego was a little bruised.  I got back on the phone to my secretary and was like "you're not going to believe it..."

A few days later, I couple bruises did in fact show up...on my knee and hip.

I'm going to bank on this being the worst that's going to happen.  I had a third inspection last week and it was another church.  I joked to my boss, "wonder what I'm going to do tomorrow (at the inspection)?"  His response, "perhaps you should pray..."  

What a week at work.  (On a side note, I'm loving my new job.  It's been 6 months already and I couldn't be happier.)

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