Monday, August 16, 2010

To Post or Not to Post, that is the question...Answer: Not!

So I dedicate this post to my sister, aka "Annonymous" on all those comments, and one of our most loyal readers. 

Deb and I decided to start the Meet the Kadlecs blog to share the happenings in our lives, our travels, stories, and's grown so much since we started.  Hahaha, who knows if that is true!  We have posted over 200 posts since it's inception, so we're going strong.

About a week ago I got an email from my sister asking me to post some of her most recent pictures on our blog.  I kind of hesitated and just let it go.  Mentioned it to Debbie and we both had the simple answer, no.  As this is meet the Kadlecs, it may make sense to post "other" Kadlecs, but that would set a precedent and who knows when it would stop.  All of a sudden we'd be posting some of the less eloquent conversations exchanged between Kadlecs...and I'm not even going to sarcastically mention them here! 

So a few days later, my sister mentions that I should post I had to confront her and simply decline the invitation.  I mean, I felt bad, but this is a blog about Deb and I, as newlyweds and so forth.  She was all "why not, please, you should, etc etc, come on brother."  She kept on it.

I stopped her and suggested the obvious, "why don't you start a blog?"

She responded, "no, I don't want my stuff all out there on the internet."

Hmm, "but it'd be on our blog."

It went on, us Kadlec's and our stubborness.  So, I said I'll open a Gmail account for you, start the blog, and go on and start it for her.  It's as easy as writing an email.  Truly, a blog is easy.  I'm doing this over lunch!  No no no, was her response.

Days and days went by and she emailed asking where the post was.  I was like, "not happening."  She obviously reads the blog...but still does loyalty bring me to the point of blogging a post for her?  Do I open a guest spot for her?  Again, what precedent does this set?

NO post!  :-)  But I'll give in some.  For you, Tamara, here's one of your pictures you wanted me to share.  If only you had a blog, we might even see his/her face. 
So the game begins...will she start a blog?  Will her blog rival ours?  Meet the Kadlecs 2?  Sequels are never as good as the originals.  So I suggest you think hard, sister...plot your next move.  For now, checkmate.

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  1. Terence,
    Thank you so much for posting on this topic. I found it very funny and Seinfeld-like! LOL. For those of you who read the comments, that mystery man is the one and only Dave Matthews. DMB Rocks! Peace! Tamara