Friday, August 20, 2010

"Do you have any grandkids?"

I'm not sure how I didn't blog this funny story a few weeks ago.  It was during my week of "uh ohs."  As you can read in one of my previous posts here.

An excerpt from that post:
I had a third inspection last week and it was another church. I joked to my boss, "wonder what I'm going to do tomorrow (at the inspection)?" His response, "perhaps you should pray..."

So while at the inspection the representative for the church was playing with his grandson.  It was cute, he was having a good time.  I think the kid said something that made me chuckle...

The grandfather looks over and smiles, and asks, "do you have any grandkids?"

I kind of looked perplexed and countered, "you mean kids?"

He boldly responded, "no, grandkids."

I was a little more perplexed and realized he was serious.  I simply said, "no."

Wow, I thought.  First thing I thought of was the events that happened on the city walls while in Dubrovnik, Croatia during our honeymoon.  There was this kid and he was hilarious.  He was eavesdropping to a conversation Deb and I were having with our new friends Bob and Lisa (while drinking and sharing hilarious stories)... "How do you get stung by a dead bee?"  That's an entirely different can of worms, but all of it lead to Bob asking the kid to guess how old I was.

He looked at me....long pause, then said, "late............................40s." 

It was, and is, still a classic line I get ribbed for.  Later in the cruise we saw the kids dad, who yelled over, "hey it's grandpa," pointing at me.

Not sure how twice in the past 10 months I've been called a grandpa...I mean, I'm 28!  I'd have to have had a kid at 14, and my kid would have had to have had a kid at 14.  Well, I guess when I put it that way, it's not impossible, but really, it's quite unlikely!!

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  1. This is absolutely hilarious, Terence. Grandkids? The guy had to have been high on God or gospel or something. My gosh, Terence and Debbie don't even have kids so unless you can skip a step (kids), think this guy was nuts! Tamara