Monday, August 16, 2010

Polish Food, Deb's Creations, Astros & Scrabble...sounds like visitors!

Last weekend, Deb and I welcomed my parents for an extended visit over the weekend.  We hadn't seen them since our last trip home to Florida, so what better time to have them come visit then now!  Near 100 degree days, near 100 percent humidity, near 100 scrabble games...just kidding on the last one (but not by much)!!

To touch on the last one first, my and I love Scrabble.  Perhaps, borderline, obsessive...but we love it.  We play till after midnight and we are cut throat.  Since I am writing this blog post, I could say mom is the most "viscious" but I can't.  My mom says I play like that...  But hey, it's part of the strategy.  If you don't challenge the word because you can't afford to take the gamble of losing, you just have to accept it's a word!  That is until after the game is over and you look it up.  This is usually when my mom says "you stinker!" because I've snuck something in!  Can't remember the scores and win/loss from the weekend, it was fun!!  Even had a bruschetta break thanks to Deb and her amazing cooking and baking!  She made a killer meatloaf, ziti, and homemade ice cream, just to name a few!
We didn't just play Scrabble, we took my parents to a local Polish restaurant, Polonia.  Really, though, it's the only one in town.  It was awesome!!!
 Potato pancakes, sausage, sauerkraut, veal,...., oh man, I'm read y to go back!
We also took in an Astros game.  It was the FIRST game they won this year that we were at!  (FYI, we went this weekend too, and they won again!)  My mom even sported an Astros jersey.  They played the Braves, her all-time most-disliked team!  Chipper're not welcome at my parents house!  Haha.  You could stop by our place, I'd love to all know me and baseball!
Overall it was a great visit...they always go by too fast.  See you all next in Florida!

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  1. Nice photos and story about the visit. I'm wondering if there are more home games before the season ends??? Maybe I could come out for a quick weekend? Not sure...Tamara