Monday, August 16, 2010

I didn't win the lottery...

Today I got the email I was hoping I wouldn't receive...that I was NOT selected in the lottery for entry into the Houston Marathon in January 2011.  Apparently the interest in running the races (Full, Half, and 5k) were so high, a lottery system was the only "fair" system.  Bull!   For the past three years, I had registered without issue for the race.  Deb and I ran the half together in 2008. This year, I ran it once again, scoring my best finish in 2 hrs 12 minutes.  I was looking forward to running it once again in January.  But it's not going to happen.

The blog is anything but a place to rant, but please entertain my argument.  I don't think it's "fair" to create a lottery system.  As I said, I had no issues registering and from those that I know who ran it, they didn't either.  When the registration opened, everyone registered.  If you were serious about running, it's not that hard.  I even remember sending emails to those I thought would be interested, and all got in.  Plus, our old running group sent out reminders for runners.  Everyone got in.  When you take a step back, just leave it alone!  Or make it a bigger event!  Seriously, they could do three waves, instead of two?  Figure it out without alienating your former runners.  Participating in Houston's biggest sporting event was awesome, so much fun, and memorable.  Next year, Houston will be missing a lot of runners.  We are unhappy.  I still haven't found one of my friends who got in!  It's shocking how crappy a system is when you implement it to make it more fair.  While at the gym, I was watching the news and they were talking about the race lottery's intent to help diversify the racing pool.  Really?  I'm not even going to go there.

SO, on February 20, 2011...we'll be in Austin running the Livestrong Austin Half Marathon.  Deb and I both registered for the half'll be a new route and race, but will still be 13.1 miles of running fun! 
Former President George Bush often shakes hands on the Houston course...I'm hoping for my favorite Austin resident during our race, Sandra Bullock!  One can hope...

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  1. This would be super cool - seeing Sandra Bullock. I think you should carry a sharpie with you during the race, she could sign your shoes or socks or shirt. Who cares if you are sweaty! If you want, carry a tiny digital and get a picture too. Your devoted reader, Tamara.