Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Germany and Austria

Our driving portion of the trip is nearly over...yesterday we took the autobahn and Romantic Road (in parts) down to Fussen from Rothenburg. We drove through countless small German cities, with stops in Dinkilsbuhl and Nordligen, where we climbed the town walls and sat in the town square enjoying beer, sausages and potatoes.

Arrived in Fussen and spent last night and tonight here...and once the sun sets the tourists mostly leave, us excluded of course! Enjoyed some great Bavarian food and more great beer! A great little town in south Germany.

Today we ventured into Austria and hiked to one of the Ehrenberg Castles...up in the Austrian alps, absolutely gorgeous. Snow all over the ground, and the lakes were still somewhat frozen over...which made us feel better about getting those snow tires! Afterwards we traveled to and toured King Ludwig's castle at Linderhoff, then to Oberammergau, and finally to a catholic church in Weis that was, and still is, a pilgrimage stop...we did so much and are quite happy with our decision for the rental car...

Tomorrow...Neuchwanstein Castle then to Munich!

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