Monday, March 21, 2011

Guten tag Germany, Auf wiedersehen Belgium

Finished in Belgium, was a great 2 days. We spent the second day in Brugge, which is described as the "Venice of the North," and we bought into it. Small town, but touristy, and had the charm of the old days. The surprise for us was that they spoke Dutch, not French! So when I said merci, I didn't realize it would be offensive! Oh well, we haven't found the friendly folks yet...perhaps in Germany?

All in all, we definitely enjoyed our time in Belgium. Currently we are on the train to Frankfurt...almost missed it actually. Firstly we had tickets and didn't need to wait in the long queue, then we watched the first metro leave the station as it stopped on the other side of the platform. Then the transfer we had 7 minutes...we made our trip continues, "amazing race" style...we are definitely running too much in these stations!!!

Just realized we're traveling at 292 km/h, nearly 190 mph...

Anyways, our adventure continues today as we get our rental car. We are going to see how that goes...been a few years since I drove a manual...

Auf Wiedersehen!

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