Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kitty is one of the Penguins, Roma as "Donkey"

From all the comments I get via email about the blog (trust me, they roll in quite slowly), the question has been asked about how kitty is doing. I can understand the question considering we do blog about traveling, Roma, food, and baseball (oh there'll be more baseball posts, don't worry!) but haven't said much about kitty. She's doing just fine.

The funny thing here is I was going through pictures on my phone and was going to pass this off as a recent picture of kitty, but I can't. It was within the past two months most certainly...but pre-Roma. See...we don't leave shoes out like this at all...we don't even give Roma a chance to eat them. This is probably a sad realization for kitty because she used to practically bathe in our dirty shoes or sneakers. It was quite gross honestly. The more "worn" they were, the more she loved them! (I will reserve comment about those red shoes of Deb's...) All I can say is those and my running shoes were/are her favorites!

Let me run through a standard day...kitty sleeps in. She doesn't even bother getting up when I get up with Roma or with Deb later on. By the time she starts roaming, Roma is tucked into her kennel for the day. Who knows what shenanigans happens when we're away. There have been a few nights we've woken up to Roma barking because kitty was teasing her in front of the kennel door. Anyways, by the time we get home she wanders around surveying the situation and Roma. She is sizing her up. I made the joke that she reminds me of the penguins in the Madagascar movies...trying to outsmart everyone. Roma, the opponent, is more like Donkey in the Shrek films, kind of happy-go-lucky...running around all nuts! Eventually when Roma starts sleeping on the couch with us, kitty will come out and practically walk on us to stare Roma down! It's so funny. But she's not as smart as she thinks...because letting out a faint "meow" doesn't go unnoticed. It usually results in a chase under the bed, and a quick yell of "ROMA!" Too bad we really need to be yelling at her antagonist, kitty! But what can I say, I remember when I was like that with my brother and sister. Roma and kitty are just starting to figure out the rivalries and loves we share with our siblings...

Kind of like my sister needing to see a picture of her eggplant parmagiano. Here you go sister. For the purpose of this post, you are the donkey! :-)

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