Monday, March 8, 2010

Puppy Playtime and the Vet

ROMA update!

I know you all are probably getting sick of Roma updates, but she is such a cute pup we have to document it! We recently decided to sign her up for doggie day care once a week. Since Terence and I both work so far from home and occasionally like to go out during the week, she is in a kennel a lot more than we wish. We thought it would be a good idea to let her release her energy somehow and socialize her a little bit. Maybe she'll stop chasing her little curly tail...

The day of my wisdom teeth surgery we dropped her off at Rover Oaks for her puppy playtime and social evaluation. They check all the dogs to make sure they aren't aggressive and what not, and she passed! It was Texas Independence Day, obviously a made up holiday for Texans :-), so they made her a little bandana with her name on it. How cute! Roma was exhausted all weekend, but she did make it back to the dog park.

My sister came to visit this weekend, and oh man did the pup bond with the her. Roma was so sad when Christine left, she moaped around the house for a while. Terence and I went to the store and after taking her for her walk when we returned we noticed Roma's face was all puffy! It looked like she swallowed a baseball her snout was all puffy and her cheek looked like it had a tumor (it's not a tuma). So like any new worried parents we headed to the emergency vet, poor little girl. The vet believes she was bit by something (bee, mosquito, etc.) and had an allergic reaction. One shot of Benadryl and one shot of steroids and we were back home.

Poor little girl is still pretty sad today, the steroid shot makes her drink a lot and therefore go to the bathroom a lot! Hopefully she will be back to her playful self by tomorrow!

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  1. I love the video of Roma chasing her tail. I also love the pictures and candid writing about her doggie life. I think it's great that you two have her in day care for socialization purposes. I also love the fact you take her to the dog park on weekends. Great job doggie parents! I wish you could bring her to Florida.