Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saturday Golf...

It feels like it was so long ago when I was on the course...clear skies, perfect 70 degree weather, and a solid showing...

I played with Andy, Spicer, and Mintz at Clear Creek Golf Course in South Houston...and we were sure to start the wagers before we even teed off on #1. The bet was simple...$1 per hole. If there were a tie, the hole roles over and the winner of the next hole gets both, and so on. The last time we played, JR played instead of Mintz...we all felt hustled as we had a $5 bet on "closest to the hole" on two par-3's. He of course won them both and some well placed tie-breakers on others. He won over $60 that day!

This time around we all had an "agenda" not to lose it all and not to let another win big! On the first tee box all four of our tee shots were well placed and either hit or just missed the fairway...signs of a competitive morning of golf! The first three holes were tied, with Andy winning 4 holes when he got a birdie on #4. On hole #5 I managed a 315 yard tee shot...only to bogey the hole (darn!!). After the first 9 holes, Andy won 4, I won 3, and Mintz won 2. Spicer...unfortunately some unlucky breaks.

The back 9 started off a little rusty...blame it on the hot dogs we had at the turn perhaps. On hole #14 I knocked another 305 yard drive, but my long drive of the day came on #18...319 yards. That one I was proud of! Andy was able to win another 5 holes on the back, I won 3, and Mintz won 1. The 18th hole was a tie...so we all ended up on the putting green...on the second sudden death, my par on 18 held up to win the final hole!

It was a great day on the course all around. I didn't lose big, I had some great drives and putts, managed 4 pars (kind of low), but didn't do any worse than a double bogey (which meant I didn't collapse on any holes)...I was happy with my 91; a stroke above my former handicap of 18 but wouldn't know what it really is now...

Can't wait to make it out on the course again soon...I'm up for golf anytime, so drop me an email and I'm there!

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