Friday, March 12, 2010

Road trip game, "Yellow Car!!"

This morning, something got me thinking about the car game, "Yellow Car!" I was driving into work and saw a Toyota FJ Cruiser and it hit me...this car was the EXACT same color as a yellow car I once called out during the game. Debbie and I disagreed and it was left off my tally. We'll come back to this...

Upon further thought, I wasn't too sure if there really was a real car game called "Yellow Car!" so I googled it. Turns out there is a website specific for the game and rules! CLICK FOR LINK TO OFFICIAL RULES
Well, this is NOT the game that we play in the punch someone when you see a yellow car...ha! I'm not sure how this would work in a car with Debbie, her sisters, and her dad! I would NOT be very welcome with my in-laws. :-)

Anyways, we don't play it this way, obviously. I first played the game in October 2008 when Debbie and I went out to Colorado for a family visit. Debbie's little sister, Madison, explained the game to me.

  • When you see a yellow car, yell "yellow car."
  • Taxi's and school buses, for instance don't count.
  • You get one point for each yellow car, and you lose one if you are wrong.

That's the simple way. On one day this Christmas while we were in Colorado, we played during our drive out to the tubing hill in the mountains. It got intense! Rules were changed, teams were formed, and it came down to a TIE at the end. There was a disputed call and a subsequent investigation. The investigation, you might ask, well we pulled off the road and drove through the parking lot and found the car. This car is STILL in question. The game later ended at a tie, no joke! That was one of the most fun games we have played to date.

So back to the story behind this blog post, back in January we were driving up to Fort Worth to see Deb's sister, Christine, when the "in question" FJ Cruiser was spotted. It was disputed, like I was saying earlier. "Who paints an FJ Cruiser light yellow?" "That was more tan than yellow?" And so on. Funny thing is neither of us could find the color online. This was more concrete evidence for Deb's argument...I was left without any sort of backing...until today.(It was and IS all in good fun, by the way.) Well I snapped this photo this morning in the car:

Is this the same FJ Cruiser? Is it actually yellow? We don't need the show, The Marriage Ref, to decide whether this is a yellow car or not...but what do you all think?

Oh and if you have never played before, give it a is a load of fun and very addictive...even when you find yourself alone in the car and see one, you may not shout it, but you definitely find yourself thinking or saying, "Yellow Car!"


  1. Yellow Car ExpertMarch 12, 2010 at 1:32 PM

    OMG that is cream...who would think that is YELLOW!

  2. Terence, this FJ Cruiser is NOT a yellow car or SUV. Sorry brother, you lost a point! Tamara

  3. Principal Yellow Car ExpertMarch 19, 2010 at 8:39 AM

    Sandstorm is/was the color.

    SANDSTORM [02JY,04U0] (Beige)

    Beige is a form of yellow, as seen here:

    Car was Yellow...end of story.