Saturday, February 27, 2010

Anniversay...unofficially 6 years this weekend!

With our wedding last October 10th, we reset the clock (in some ways) to our anniversary. Granted we really have only had one anniversary as we met on a "leap day" during a leap year back on February 29, 2004. On a corner in Times Square...this was right after I met Deb for the first time...I'm behind the camera, of course. In the picture is Nikki, Kristin (who gets the credit of introducing us,, Krna (aka "boob," tying the knot later this year), Leslie (aka "douchebag," who when we got back to school I realized she sat right behind me in Hydrology! The rest there is history too...), and of course Mrs. Kadlec.

Fun times we had... forward 6 years and we await our first anniversary this October!


  1. That is a great picture of you two!!!

  2. I enjoyed your pictures from the leap day! I think meeting on a corner in Times Square is a pretty romantic way to start a relationship. Maybe you should ask Dave Matthews to write a song about you two?