Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Running with Roma...

Well, today I had my first successful run with Roma! It's exciting since I love to run...I never thought I'd be able to run with a pup, but today she did so successfully. The first couple times were disasters...she was putting everything in her mouth...running left, right, left, right, trip me, left and on and on!...it was a mess. Kind of reminiscent of Phoebe running in "Friends." Making a reference to a 1990s TV show, but who cares!

Anyways, tonight was great. We ran just short of 4 miles, a good run for the both of us. I have been slacking since I ran the half marathon last month, so this was a nice stretch of the legs. I love to run and having a pup that can run with me is great. I know Deb is excited to run with her, too. Considering we don't often run together, we'll at least share the same running partner! Lord knows Roma needs the exercise to burn off all the puppy energy she has!!

I tested her speed briefly during a flat out sprint. As fast as I could run, she was still able to pull on the leash! During our walks I walk her, but during our runs...I hate to admit it, but she might be running me! :-)

Now all is well, she's tired and busy chewing on her bone. Perfect way to sit back and enjoy the Olympics! Go USA!!

(Oh, the reason why I never thought I'd run with a pup...well, I love PUGS! Pugs are built to sit and lay, not run and sprint!)

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