Friday, February 26, 2010

My Second Wilton's Cake Course

I finally have time to blog about my second Wilton Cake Course, it literally pains me to write about this, staring at cake pics, since I am on a liquid diet today after getting my wisdom teeth removed.

The course was titled "Flowers and Borders" and that pretty much sums up everything we did. We learned how to make Color Flow Icing and Royal Icing, which are pretty much the same thing except the Wilton Color Flow mix has something in it that makes the icing shiny when dried. The first class we made the blue birds that will go on the final cake using the color flow, unfortunately mine made it all the way to the final class and cracked as I took them off the wax paper, so no pics. The following class we worked on the royal icing flowers.

I ended up making most of them from home throughout the week since my icing had gotten too soft and I had to remix in some powdered sugar. Overall I think they turned out pretty good and I made at least one of every kind!

The last class, this past Tuesday, we had to bring in cake made with the special oval/egg shaped pans. I decided to go to my Ghirardelli cookbook and made the Devil's Food Cake and decided to make a peanut butter frosting for the filling. The Wilton buttercream taste is getting pretty old, so its fun to add in a little flavor in the cake.

In class we learned how to do roping and basketweaving (this makes me think of underwater basketweaving, hehe)
And Voila! I finished my cake IN class and was excited to come home take some pics and dive in! And it was YUMMY!

I have definitely enjoyed the classes so far, but with everything going on lately I really needed a break. Well, Wilton and my instructor Mandy read my mind! I guess Wilton is changing up how they plan to do the last two classes, since they both involve tiering and fondant hopefully they will just combine them! Because we don't know exactly what is going on yet, the class is taking the month of March off. So look forward to some non-cake baking to come, well once I can eat solids again!


  1. This cake looks a-maz-ing! I'm so impressed with your skills. I'm inspired...and I'm planning on taking the course that starts next week!!!

  2. I have wiltons decorating kit with book but i've not tried decoration like this.I must say you are daring. It looks wonderfull.