Friday, February 12, 2010

Back to Rome, to the Vatican, then home...sadness

All good things come to an end...and so brought the end to our 12 nights aboard the Carnival Dream through the Mediterranean. I always am sad to come back, but our vacation wasn't quite over yet! :-) We had another day to explore Rome and Vatican City! Just as we did previously, we took the train into Rome. That meant lugging all our bags to the station...

Sort of a fiasco when I said "let's get off here," referencing the Vatican stop. HA! We had to wait for a taxi...then it was an adventure finding the hotel...which had it's lobby on a second floor and a small little sign. I wouldn't recommend Hotel Sant' Angelo, it was dated and uncomfortable. We had an old school 13" TV that didn't even turn on. Ha! Oh well we opted to spend the majority of hotel funds the first night in Rome...which we definitely scored big on. Hotel Artemide was primo!

We did a tour of the Vatican, which was amazing. So many pieces of art, sculptures, and celebrities? Yup, we saw Vince Vaughn strolling through! It was too funny because I got him on video...promptly getting a "no pictures" from his body guard. As I am not a paparazzi, I simply was like, "come on, I'm on a tour!" I laughed!

But the best part was seeing the Sistine Chapel in person. OH MAN! I was in No words can describe such an intricate painting telling stories, beliefs, and more. It was something to see, I recommend it to everyone!! No pictures are allowed in there, so sorry...

Then we got to see St Peters Bascillica which blew my mind too! It was huge! So much to see, so much to take in...time never allows as much as you need.

We headed back to our hotel and changed for dinner...decided to go back to where we spent our first dinner in Rome, in Piazza Navona. Had dinner across the square from the first night...and it was amazing, again!

Deb even got the BEST hot chocolate she has ever had, I thought it was too much chocolate, but oh man, it was amazing, too!

The following morning, after a quick nap (so it felt) in the sub-par hotel, we headed to the airport. Our driver was arranged to be there bright and early at 430am...yikes!

We were exhausted after an amazing honeymoon...thanks for reading all the posts! It was fun thinking back on it...what a great way to spend our first two weeks of marriage!!!

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