Monday, February 1, 2010

The New Kadlec pup


Terence and I have been looking for a dog for a while now, well after searching on we headed out to Buster's Friends, a rescue center in Highland Village. I have been searching for a big 'ole dog while Terence prefers the smaller dogs (aka: pugs). We originally went to look at Trixie, a Lab/Golden Retriever mix, and man she was huge! There was no way we could handle her in our apartment, but then we saw a little black lab...

She was so cute and the perfect combo size for what Terence and I wanted. First we did a kitty test at the center, and she passed! After accepting our application we were on our way with our new black pup. After spending our fair shares worth in Petsmart we headed home.

She's pretty playful still as a puppy, but thinks she is a lap dog of course! Terence took her to the vet today and they estimate she is a Lab/Terrier/possibly pug mix (ha! now Terence can saw I let him get a pug)! Whatever she is they expect her to still double in size, and at almost six months 17 lbs. she'll get just tall enough to scoop our dinners of the table :-) Yeah we learned that lesson quick!

We will get some more pics up later, poor pup is exhausting her new parents!

Oh and for those of you that are worried about our little kiddy she is holding her ground just fine. She definitely wins the staring contests and gets plenty curious with Roma for only the second day!

Also, Trixie unfortunately was not adopted this weekend, but we saw her in person and was a very sweet animal if anyone has some room for her!


  1. OMG... soo excited for you guys! Even though kitty seems like she's going to 'eye samurai' the dogsta!

    Can't wait to hear all the 'nice' things the dog does around your apt!

  2. What a homely little thing!! :-)