Friday, February 5, 2010

New Forensic Engineering

Well, after an unfortunate and unplanned departure from my position in November, I am going back to work. Last week I accepted a job offer and will be joining as a Structural Engineer, working in Forensic Engineering. I don't need to go into too great of detail (as some things don't need to be blogged...because they could be boring to some), but I'll provide this summary as noted on the company website:

...engineers, environmental scientists, and business analysts use proven forensic techniques to probe and analyze construction accidents and disputes, residential and commercial problems, product failures, motor vehicle and marine accidents,and industrial fires and explosions of all kinds. Our job is to find out what happened and why, from the cause and origin through the extent of loss. In many cases, we can point the way toward a speedy disposition of the claim.

I may find myself going to court as an expert witness or such, plus an abundance of report writing, and communicating with lawyers, insurance companies, and more. It's going to be a big departure from the design roots I have been working in for the 6 1/2 years, but I'll call on my experience out in the field, performing inspections, and analysis of existing structures... I am excited for the possibilities, the responsibilities, and finding myself into a new field within structural engineering.

I love what I do, so there's no doubt I'm going to love this new adventure!

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  1. Best of luck! I do agree with you that in certain cases, The forensic engineer will also give avowal in a court as to the likely cause of the failure.