Friday, February 5, 2010

Sleeplessness, Yelling, and Chasing...Adventures with Roma (& Midnight)

As Debbie blogged this week, Midnight now has a playmate...Roma. The newest Kadlec! Granted she probably would have preferred a small little kitty rather than a clumsy, rambunctious canine!

Well, I don't need to go into detail about all the "gimme's" of having a puppy...the accidents (both #1 and #2...gross!), the whining, the jumping, the running around like a crazy woman (yes, woman...crazy men don't run...), chasing the cat, chewing on everything, eating two of her new toys within hours (so we've bought the better, pricier ones and she's doing okay with these), etc etc etc.

But it gets better. Yesterday morning...early 445AM, Midnight decides to wake me up with her lovely heaving. Yup, doing the stereotypical cat throw up thing. It woke me up because she sleeps under my arm at night and for some reason she kicked me jumping off. I go ahead and try and get her before the "stuff" comes up so I could throw her onto the bathroom tile, but no...she got one off before I got to her. Then it was a chain reaction of Debbie shooting up, "what's going on?" Then it was Roma who was inside her kennel in the other room starting to whimper and whine. Debbie went and took her out (earlier than normal of course) and I spent the next 15 minutes with a vomiting cat! I came out of the bathroom just as Debbie got back to our bedroom. In a comedic moment we had Midnight whining and meowing to get out of the bathroom (but not until she was done puking) and Roma whining because she had to go back into her kennel! We were doubt...but in that moment the two of us started 5AM because our animals our crying for us from both rooms! It ended up working out okay...but when I went to shower later that morning Midnight decided to leave me a present...treating our bath tub as her litter box! Oye!!

Today topped that whole today is my last weekday before I head back to work (I'll blog the details later today or this weekend), I was getting some housework done (i.e. vacuuming, showers, etc). As I was cleaning the carpet downstairs (thanks to the rain I tracked in two giant muddy footprints), Roma joined me running back and forth...she was doing the whole "puppy" thing. I opened the door slightly to shake out the downstairs carpet when she nudges the door with her nose and goes "bye bye!!!" Oh man, it was not pretty!! I went out barefoot chasing after a mini-greyhound! She is FAST!! She thought it was a game and started running left, right, left, hard cut to the right and around and around. It was like sprints for baseball all over again, it was rough! I started thinking of something Debbie once said when we talked about if Midnight ever got out (which she never would as she never goes too close to the door). Play with her, so I started doing stuff, kind of mocking/mimicking her. She started running towards me to get me and I pinned her down so hard! Yelled so loud! Scared the crap out of her! Grabbed her and stormed home...didn't put her down until I got upstairs and threw her in the guest bathroom!! She whined and whimpered for a while as I caught my breath and finished my cleaning up on the stairs. When I let her out she knew who was boss, she was still whining some! I had/have no sympathy here...I am still pissed at the little sh*t!

Anyways, doing a complete 180, we LOVE her! :-) She is a pup, and we are going to get her trained. Tonight she starts puppy we'll keep everyone up to date on her progress.

Oh and Midnight is holding her ground, she is laying some HARD hits into Roma's face. I mean she is constantly hissing and growling (as much as a cat can growl).

Soooo much fun over at the Kadlec's right now! So much that we are tired, losing our voices, and fatigued from the chasing!

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  1. OMG... that's hilarious!! She had you totally going! Oh yeah, you showed her who's boss... for now. I just picture you running barefoot trying to get to her... LOL.

    See the pupps is taking after your deuchebagnatiousness! haha... Way to be Dbag!