Tuesday, February 23, 2010

All inclusive post...Saturday was great!!

Saturday was a wonderful day for the Kadlec's...we had a blast bringing Roma to the dog park, brushing her teeth, and then giving her a bath. Those were good parts of the day, but her sleeping all day from being exhausted was great...followed up with a night reminiscent of our honeymoon (dinner at Melting Pot)!

We knew that Roma needed a bath and figured taking Roma to the local dog park was the best way to tire her out and get her dirtier for a bath. We did show up and see a dog rolling in the mud and I froze. Do I allow our dog, if she finds herself rolling in the mud, to get back into my car??? Foreshadowing, she didn't roll in it...we were all okay.

Roma met a couple of dogs at the park...Recon and Ginny were two that she seemed to get along with the most. The people there were also great...bringing water (and sharing with us "newbies" that didn't bring water...relying on the public water fountain). The big Bull Mastiffs were the only two "big" dogs that really intimidated her...all the others were all fair game and she had a blast...she was laying down in the backseat just trying to catch her breathe the entire way home.

When we got home, she was all tired and in the perfect "passive" state for a good teeth brushing and a bath. Both went well and she smelled great! Today she smells good...she's just not as fluffy and fresh smelling. No worries, I'm heading back with her on Saturday so she gets all tired so she's not up in Debbie's face this weekend. I'm excited!

Later that night Deb and I headed out for one of our first dates since Rome. We went to our favorite restaurant and our celebration spot, The Melting Pot. Nothing says romance like fondue...we love that place. You know you go somewhere often when they know what wine you like! (I guess we always have a lot to celebrate! This time was my new job...which is going awesome!!)

Deb's got some good posts coming, I'm sure...more baking and cakes!!

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  1. Roma is so cute and small - I wonder how big she'll get. She is super skinny after her bath too. Adorable!