Sunday, April 5, 2009

Baseball in HD...unbelievable!

Well today is Opening Day for the 2009 MLB season. YAY! (Wahoo's all the way!)

So, the best part is watching it on our new TV. New from a few months of the biggest Debbie selling points to me was baseball in HD. Well tonight the Phillies-Braves game is on and she was sooo right! It's awesome.

We got a 46" Samsung (1080p, 120 Hz) which you can see in the picture. That is from February...kitty is trying to get the dogs on the TV when we were watching Snow Dogs.

(You may chuckle because I was content with our old TV...I blame a few people, jokingly of course, for the "need" for the new TV. Good job, Tyson!)

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