Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rainy Days in Houston (with 18 holes squeezed in!)

We have had rain seemingly every day for a week! Maybe more! No joke, we've had a lot. Exact amounts I can't say, but plenty!

Sunday I played golf out at Pasadena Municipal with JR, Andy and Spicer...we opted for a cheap course to get ourselves back into our playing. We surely got a cheap course! Sunday was a beautiful day. An April day when you didn't break a sweat the minute you went outside. However, with 30 mph winds and gusts, not the best golf day. But...we went for it anyways. On the third hole we had to deal with hitting with a cross wind, over a large lake, and a fairway full of water from the over flowing lake! Check it out...

By the 13th hole we abandoned our typical game and decided we'd only use our 6-iron. I bogeyed it with JR and I won the coin toss. I chose to use just the driver on the next hole! Three of us bogeyed...but not me. It was a lot of fun...I bogeyed all but one of the holes we used "one club" on. Incuding the sand wedge hole. That was a fun one.

This sign was actually hung out front. Too funny!

Then we got more rain. Last night I made it home in the weather...luckily the Xterra is an SUV as I don't know if the Saab could have made it through some the roads. Well this morning, no one did. My typical route, alternative routes, and any possible route I could think of was closed due to high water. I eventually made it back here to work from home.

Check out the weather. The red on the left...that's part of my route! (Circle on left is my office, circle on bottom is home) Once some of those incident markers are removed, I'll make it to the office. For now...working from home!

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