Saturday, April 25, 2009's in our Genes!

Catching up on things, finally! This morning I finally got a chance to scroll through my parents pictures from their latest cruise (they cruise a lot, dozen plus I would estimate...) to the Panama Canal and Southern Caribbean. A few made me smile and I thought I'd share.

My parents are obvious tourists who don't mind being tourists...having a great time in...Curacao or Aruba. I think it's Aruba.

They definitely know how to eat and make us all envious of it! Check out the spread accompanying the Filet Mignon!

They said the Panama Canal was an amazing marvel. Said that we have to get down there. In time...

And look at the view they had. They were offered this upgrade from their outside cabin to this aft balcony! The balcony iteself was 80 SF compared to the typical 35-40 SF!

Now it's time to go and watch their 4-hour marathon movie! I'll probably have to do that in a few sittings, but it'll be nice. As long as their is no Staten Island Ferry type video segment. Debbie knows that one all too well! During one of my parents trips to NYC to visit me, my dad video taped the entire crossing from Staten Island to lower Manhattan! I remember the call from Debbie saying, "we watched the whole thing," referring to when she was over at my parents house sometime following. Too funny...

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