Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Indians & Astros...C'mon!!! You're killing my dream!

So, I had this crazy thought which is beginning to look more and more like a dream. Actually it's more like a fantasy with the odds of me getting a second chance at a foul ball or maybe even us winning the lotto! (I'd be okay with the latter...)

Anyways, what was the thought, well it has to do with the events of this coming October. Three great things will be happening: 1) our wedding, 2) our honeymoon, and 3) the World Series!. We all know that numbers 1 and 2 are going to be great, crazy awesome! I can't wait for both! But I keep joking that this was the year that the Indians make it back to the World Series and come away with their first Series win since 1948! I would love for this to happen, just not when we are out of the country and can't see it happen! Then I thought, wouldn't it be crazy for the Indians to go up against the Astros...heck, I could go to the Houston games as they'd be in my backyard!

But sadly, one week into the season, I don't think that any of this will pan out. As the Indians and Astros are both hold 1-6 records. It's only one week into the 162 game season, but really...can they recover?

Sury they can! 16:1 odds are doable...granted 40:1 for the Astros are a little harder.

Boston Red Sox 11/2
New York Yankees 6/1
Chicago Cubs 15/2
Los Angeles Angels 17/2
New York Mets 13/1
Philadelphia Phillies 13/1
Los Angeles Dodgers 15/1
Cleveland Indians 16/1
Tampa Bay Rays 16/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 18/1
Detroit Tigers 18/1
Chicago White Sox 22/1
Minnesota Twins 25/1
Florida Marlins 30/1
St. Louis Cardinals 30/1
Toronto Blue Jays 30/1
Atlanta Braves 34/1
Colorado Rockies 35/1
Houston Astros 40/1
Milwaukee Brewers 45/1
Cincinnati Reds 50/1
San Francisco Giants 50/1
Oakland Athletics 55/1
Texas Rangers 60/1
San Diego Padres 65/1
Baltimore Orioles 75/1
Kansas City Royals 75/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 75/1
Seattle Mariners 75/1
Washington Nationals 75/1

Check out the article...it is a little premature to the season (Nov08), but it's a good one: Click to go to the article

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