Sunday, April 5, 2009

Indians visit Houston...and victorious!

So Opening Day is only two days away, but yesterday (Friday) I got the rare treat of seeing my #1 team play! The Indians came to Houston for two exhibition games to close out Spring Training. It was my first spring game since before I left Florida 5 years ago. The major difference...paying regular season fare! My friend Aaron and I bought the outfield deck tickets for $7, but made our way to prime seats behind the Indians dugout...20 or so rows up. We kept thinking of George Costanza's "it's not a lie if you believe it" and made ourselves fit right in. Granted we weren't the only ones sitting in better seats than normal...but with an announced crowd of 27k+, we were fortunate to make it through the game without losing them!

Anyways, the Indians won! Well, the won TODAY, but lost yesterday. I curtailed all my cheering for the Astros, my #2 team, while the Indians were in town. I supported Cleveland fully even sporting my Kadlec No. 25 jersey (thanks to Deb from a few years back).

Found this vintage picture (vintage? sort of...circa 2006)...Debbie supported HER team, the Cardinals...along with her two aunts (up at Busch Stadium). The Indians lost that game too. Perhaps I should think about NOT going to their games...maybe that will get them back to their winning ways.

Indians all the way in 2009!!!

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