Friday, May 1, 2009

Nissan Xterra vs Lexus GX470: Battle of the SUVs

Well, the matchup occurred on Thursday and I'll ruin the ending...the Xterra won!

See I was headed home to change after work so I could go meet Deb and her California colleagues (and some Houston people too...), but was delayed when some stupid driver decided to ram her Lexus into me. Her bumper and fender took the brunt of the damage, my car suffered only a jarred bumper (not too bad considering how it could have been). Yeah, she knew she was at fault and came out apologetic. I called the police but was able to just flag one day from the highway. The only scare came when it took a couple of insurance numbers to finally find her insurance. I called Agressive Insurance, they answered Vision Insurance, and the claims agent said they were Fred Loya Insurance. I was like "who am I talking to?!"

Car will get fixed and no one was hurt. Just sucks that drivers in this city really suck. Two of my co-workers have had accidents in the past month, too...none of which, I must add, were our faults.

Oh well...I'll take some satisfaction in knowing my car held up better than hers...

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